Welcome to BVBeeks!

The Brazos Valley Beekeepers Association was formed in May 2014 as a club of hobbyist beekeepers in and around the Bryan/College Station area.  We welcome everyone to join our monthly meetings, which are usually held the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Check the club calendar for upcoming events and activities.


Plans are underway for the 2021 Bee School.  Please begin to mark your calendar - for Saturday, Sept 25.  Location will be First Baptist Church in Bryan.   Save the Date.  Tell your friends.  Registration will open on August 1 - we'll need 30-40 club members to volunteer for various jobs to help us pull this event off.  Makes plans to be there - and help.

Last, with all of the rain we have had this spring, the flowers are everywhere.  But don't be deceived - too much rain will wash the nectar out of the flowers, causing a SHORTAGE in food available for the hives.  Many of us have had to resume supplemental feeding in order to keep the hives healthy.

Next Club Meeting:

Tuesday, July 20
Youth & Newbee Program @ 6:00pm
Program & General meeting @ 7:00pm

The topic for the Youth & Newbee Program will be looking at pictures of their hives and going through how they are doing and what needs to be done.
(the 1st & 2nd year youth are together this month)

This month's General Meeting speaker will be Art Thomas, talking about "who knows?"

Location is the West Oaks Baptist Church, 1901 West Villa Maria Road, Bryan, TX