Welcome to BVBeeks!

The Brazos Valley Beekeepers Association was formed in May 2014 as a club of hobbyist beekeepers in and around the Bryan/College Station area.  We welcome everyone to join our monthly meetings, which are usually held the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Check the club calendar for upcoming events and activities.

Are you ready for Spring???

The nectar flow is in full swing - with it comes beehives growing very, VERY fast.  This is the one time of the year where you can "fudge" a bit on the 80/20 rule and add new boxes before the current one is all the way full - especially if you're already adding honey supers.

Denise Mann has volunteered to spearhead an adult apprenticeship program within the club.  Watch for more details, but for now, experienced beekeepers will be asked to post times when they will be in their hives and welcome those less experienced to join them to the Club Facebook Group.  If you use facebook, but haven't joined our group, this may be the reason you were waiting for.

Next Regular Club Meeting:

Tuesday, May 21

  • Youth & Newbee Program: 6 - 7 pm
  • Program & General Meeting: 7 - 8 pm

Location:  Bryan High School "Blue Campus" cafeteria & auditorium (Google Map)


  • 1st Youth: "Beekeeper Year" (in the auditorium)
    2nd year Youth: "Hive Autopsy" (in the cafeteria)
  • Program Guest Speaker: Marie Yanchak (in the cafeteria) "How to split your hives based on YOUR goals & hive situation"