Welcome to BVBeeks!

The Brazos Valley Beekeepers Association was formed in May 2014 as a club of hobbyist beekeepers in and around the Bryan/College Station area.  We welcome everyone to join our monthly meetings, which are usually held the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Check the club calendar for upcoming events and activities.

If you haven't noticed, the NECTAR FLOW started early and is still going strong. You should check your hives and make sure those honey supers aren't already full. If you need to extract, don't forget that as a paid club member you have the ability to check-out one of the 2 club-owned extractors for free. Please visit https://bvbeeks.org/programs/loaner-equipment/ for more information.

Couple of things that were mentioned at the last club meeting, and want to repeat here for those who were not able to be at the meeting:

  • If anyone is good with WordPress, we are looking for volunteers who would like to take care of the club website. Or even take it over completely...
  • Now is the time of year when the BVBeeks Youth Program begins taking applications for the 2023 group.  The new class will begin in August, but if you know of any junior high & high school age students who would like to participate, please make them aware of the program NOW (and give them the website address).

Last, but not least, please be aware that the June 2022 club meeting will be held a week early - on Tuesday, June 14, beginning at 6:30pm.  And the location is changing (just for this meeting) to Justin & Ashley's apiary location at Prime Bees.  This meeting we will be showing club members how to extract their honey using one of the club extractors.  Bringing a pot-luck meal to this meeting is encouraged..

Next Club Meeting:

Tuesday, June 14 - start time is 6:30pm

Note that is 1 week earlier in the month than we usually meet!

From 6:30 - 7:00 we will have a pot-luck meal.  Please bring enough for everyone in your group, plus 1.

At 7:00pm we will begin showing everyone how to use the club extractors - how to get honey out of your comb and into bottles.  This will be VERY "hands-on" where you will get to practice doing it yourself.

The location for this month's meeting will be PRIME BEES.