Joining the club

While actually joining the Brazos Valley Beekeepers is not a requirement for attending the meetings with the monthly educational programs, there are some benefits that come with a club membership:

  • Voting privileges.
    Our officer elections are held at the December meeting / Christmas party every year.  A club membership gives you a vote in deciding who will run the club.  In addition, we do occasionally have things to bring to the club requiring a vote from the entire club.
  • Being eligible to be a club officer.
    Yes, I know - we usually have to twist arms to get people to agree to be on the Board of Directors.  But there is a sense of "ownership" when your voice is helping to direct the club.
  • Use of the club equipment (such as the extractor).
  • Participation in the "members-only" club Facebook page.
  • Ability to be added to the "BCS-BeeRemoval" email list.  This is the primary contact for people who are reporting both swarms as well as established colonies that need to be removed.

Memberships in the club cost $25 per family per year ("year" runs Jan 1 through Dec 31).   If you are a NEW member and are joining after July 1, the dues are $37.50 which will cover both the remainder of the current year as well as all of the next year.    Joining the club requires 2 things: filling out the Membership Application & paying the dues (both of which you do using the form below).

We can accept payments using Zelle, Cashapp, PayPal, or using an old fashioned check sent to the treasurer.  Note that we prefer Zelle & Cashapp because those options do not charge us a transaction fee.  The payment address for Zelle & Cashapp is Checks can be given directly to the treasurer at a club meeting or mailed to

Brazos Valley Beekeepers
PO Box 9575
College Station, TX 77842


    If you select PayPal, you will be taken to the PayPal site when you hit SEND below; If you select the other payment method, you will need to perform that step manually. The club membership list is (will be) provided on the club website. By default, all club members are listed unless you express a desire to be removed. Do you want to be listed on the membership list? Last question: the club runs a Youth Beekeeping Program; one aspect of the club is that we assign each of the kids to work with an adult mentor. Do you have some beekeeping experience and are you willing to be a mentor for one of our club's youth? By hitting Send and paying the membership fee, you agree to abide by the By-Laws of the Brazos Valley Beekeepers Association.