Club Membership "Map"

We have an interactive map showing where our Members are located.  Participation in this map is totally voluntary - YOU control who much of your information you want to display (including not being listed at all). We will not add you to this map (unless you ask a board member to help you).


The purpose of this map is to help club members find other club members (the initial step of what we hope will help with a club mentorship program). The primary purpose is so that members can locate an experienced beekeeper close to them to get help when they need it.


The website address of the map is:

To participate, go to the site. Under the menu option "Additions", select "Add Marker - Detailed"

  • the "key/Password" is HoneyBee all together, no spaces, be sure to capitalize the "H" and the "B"
  • fill in the fields for email, name, & address/location
    On the location, you can put either your home address or the location of your hives. The choice is totally up to you.
  • Be sure to change the "Marker" to indicate your level of beekeeping experience
  • The "details" tab is where you can add more information such as "I sell queens", "I perform removals", or anything else you think other club members might want to know. This tab is also where you can put in your phone number and website (if you have one)
  • Under the "media" tab, you can upload a photo if you like


After you hit "submit", you'll get a link if you ever want to edit your entry. Keep this link (the board members are admins and can edit/remove it if you lose the link).


Note 1: we will print this map (poster sized) and bring it to the next meeting.


Note 2: VIEWING the map on a smart phone seems to work well, but ADDING yourself seems to only work on a computer (screen size?). If you have any problems getting yourself added, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to help