Renewing your BVBeeks Membership

Memberships in the club cost $25 per family per year ("year" runs Jan 1 through Dec 31).   Renewing your club membership does not require you to fill out the membership application form - only pay the dues, of which we have several ways you can do this:

  • Using the "Zelle" option is built-in to most online banking apps.  To use this option, you login to your banking app on your cell phone, select "transfer money using Zelle".  The address you transfer the money to is
  • Using "Cashapp".  Cashapp is a separate app you download to your cellphone (you can get it from the Google Play Store, Apple App, or   The account to send your membership dues is $BVBeeks
  • PayPal - you do not need to have a PayPal account to use this (it will take a credit card).  Note that if you use PayPal, they charge us a fee, so if you use this option, please make the payment amount $26.  To use this option, use the link

    and of course,

  • You can always just write a check, made payable to "Brazos Valley Beekeepers".  You can give this check to Dalene at a club meeting or mail it to
    Brazos Valley Beekeepers
    PO Box 6221
    Bryan, TX 77805