Bee Removals

If you are in need of bees to be removed in the Brazos Valley (roughly a 30 mile radius of Bryan & College Station), please send email to  In the message, please try to be as complete in your description as possible - including information such as

  • whether it is a swarm that just showed up or an established colony
    (if a colony, how long the bees have been there?)
  • Pictures - as close as you can get while remaining safe
  • Address of the bees (as well as your cell phone number)
  • The location of the bees at the address (where on the structure or tree?)

Note that this in no way is an endorsement of anyone who may contact you to collect the bees.  The BVBeeks club is merely providing this email list as a public service.   We make no assurances of the quality of the service provided - these people should be considered to be independent contractors.

If you are looking for a Bee Removal OUTSIDE the Bryan/College Station area

There is a state-wide organization named "Texas Association of Professional Bee Removers".  This group was created to support both Bee Removers as well as to help the public locate those Bee Removers.   If you are outside the Bryan/College Station area, please visit the website

BVBeeks Club member information regarding this email list

When a person sends a request to this list, it will go to everyone on this list simultaneously - giving all of us who do bee removals an "equal shot" at contacting the client.

This email list will be for both Structure Removals as well as people wanting to collect swarms.

We don't have a ton of rules/requirements for being on this list, but the ones we have are:

  • You must be a current, paid member of the Brazos Valley Beekeepers
  • While we might be 'competitors', please keep in mind that we are friends & usually work together - so if someone already has a job booked or is already on the way to collect a swarm, please be courteous to the person and not try to "snipe jobs".
  • Know your limitations - it's very difficult to be good at everything.  Know when to ask for help or to pass on a job if it is outside of your skill set.

If you have technical questions regarding this list please contact us at