Nucs 4 Sale

Nucleus Colonies for Sale

Nucleus hives are small, usually 4 or 5 frame, starter hives.  Below are the club members who have Nucs for sale.  As always, these listings are provided as a benefit to our members - the Brazos Valley Beekeepers makes no guarantees or warranties for anything listed.  All transactions are strictly between the buyer and seller.

Chris Barnes - 5 Frame Nucs w/ new BeeWeaver queen.  Available in either deep frames ($225) or medium frames ($200).  60-day guarantee.   Order form is on website (and other available services) at, 979-220-0004

Michelle Kerr Pankonien - Nucleus Colonies, headed by this year's queens. 5 Frame medium Nucs $225.   Add $15.00 for cardboard nuc box, 979-204-9016

Nathan Krueger - 5 frame nucs $225. 2021 locally raised queens. Please visit for complete info on our nucs and to sign up  as well as see other offerings of the farm. Questions feel free to contact me at 979-324-1160.
Justin Russell / Ashley Ralph:  Nucleus Colonies with 2021 Texas Raised Queen.  60-day guarantee

  • 5 frame Langstroth Nuc; 2+ frames of brood: $225
  • 17” Top Bar Nuc: $275  

Ask about installation details.  Complete info on other services at, 979-492-4114

Katherine Sherrod: 5 frame nucs, $225 if you keep the nuc box and $200 if you return it to me. I do my nucs a little differently than pre-orders. I raise them up and once they are 1-2 weeks away from being "ready", I'll post them. No money down. I'll deliver to you within reason.

If you are interested in getting notified when I have a batch ready, text me at 281-352-6020 or