Frequently Asked Questions about the Bee School

  • Is child-care provided for younger children?
    A: No.   While we do not exclude younger children from attending the bee school, we do ask that you provide proper supervision for them at all times.
  • Is an adult registration required in order to register a youth at the "youth price".
    A:  Yes.  While many youth (especially older ones) can get a lot out of attending the school, the primary intended audience is adults. The youth price is mainly to cover the cost of lunch for the kids attending the school with their parents.  If a youth wishes to attend "solo", they must pay the adult registration price.   Note that we DO allow groups of youth to attend at the youth price if organized by a school teacher, youth program director, etc.  Please contact the school chairman directly if you have questions about this.
  • What hive equipment are you selling? How much is it? Do you allow any substitutions?
    A: The hive equipment being sold is the Mann Lake "unassembled complete hive kit", part # KD-100.
    Because lumber prices are fluctuating wildly, the price for this hive kit will be set when registrations open.   But the price should still be less than even the Mann Lake sales prices...
    No substitutions are allowed (it would just be too much confusion to try to keep up with).
  • Do I need to register for the bee school in order to buy the hive equipment  at the discounted price?
    A: Yes, absolutely.  This offer is for registered participants of the bee school only.
  • Will other beekeeping equipment be available for purchase?
    A: Yes.  We have a good selection of vendors attending the school - brought to the school as a service to you.  Most of them do bring a variety of their supplies for both demonstration as well as direct purchase (usually at a pretty decent sales price).
  • What prizes will be available for the Raffle?
    The list below is not a complete listing of raffle items, it is just a "teaser" sampling...

"Regular Raffle" items

  • Solar Wax Melter (donated by Cornerstone Honey Bees)
  • Framed 8x12 print (donated by Pollinator Portraits)
  • 2 Beekeeping Lessons (donated by BeeWeaver)
  • 2 Tickets to TBA State Convention (donated by TBA)
  • ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture book & 1-year digital subscription to Bee Culture magazine (Donated by Bee Culture magazine)

"Big Ticket" items

  • TopBar Nuc (donated by Prime Bees)
  • $250 Gift Certificate (donated by HillCo Bee Supply)
  • Family Registration to "2023 American Bee Federation Conference & Tradeshow" - $500+ value (donated by American Bee Federation)