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Bee School Merch:
Bee School T-Shirts and Caps for pickup at the School must be pre-ordered by Monday, Sep 2nd, at Magnolia Productions ⧉.
Raffle Tickets:
The Raffle drawings will be held at 4 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Winners need to be present to win.
"Regular Raffle" Tickets (items valued < $200) :
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Mann Lake KD-100 Hive Kit:
Purchase discounted $120 hive kits in advance for pickup at the Bee School!  We can assemble it for you for an extra $10 cost. Or attend the "Hive Body & Frame Building" class (10 am in Room 170) and assemble your kit during the class! Hive Kit order deadline is Saturday, Aug 31st!
Mann Lake Hive Kits :
Mann Lake KD-105 6 5/8" Super Kit:
Unassembled only - $65.Super Kit order deadline is Saturday, Aug 31st!
Mann Lake Super Kits :