BVBeeks Bee School Speaker Registration

This is the page where people who have volunteered to SPEAK at the BVBeeks Bee School sign up so we can get an accurate lunch count as well as some other basic information.  You are welcome to bring your spouse, so if they are coming, please also include their information in the form.

I forgot to mention this in my email, so I hope this catches everyone here - we have a new location.  The school this year will be at First Baptist Church Bryan; address is 3100 Cambridge Dr, Bryan, TX 77802.  This is a bigger facility and will give us more room to spread out.

Lunch is being catered by Smitty K's of Bryan and will be chicken fajitas (with all the fixin's) and is provided for both you and your spouse.  The classrooms all have computers & very good AV facilities. It is preferred that you bring your presentation on a thumb drive in either Powerpoint or as a PDF, rather than your own computer.

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    Below is a place you can order t-shirts or Mann Lake Hive kits.   This is, of course, totally optional.  These 2 sections are 'separate', so please be sure to hit the "Send" button above, and then come back to this page if you want to order any t-shirts or hive kits (you do not need to re-fill in the form above when you come back - we'll get your information on the order from PayPal).

    Mann Lake Hive Kits:  We are very happy to once again offer Mann Lake Hive Kits (see link: un-assembled kit, part # KD-100, but with the black Rite-Cell foundation instead of yellow). You may order as many of these kits as you like at $100 ea (catalog price is currently $122).

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    We have 2 different shirts available for purchase as PRE ORDER and pickup at the school (no extra shirts will be printed and sold at the school).  Both of these are available in men's & women's shirt styles as well as sizes for adults and youth.  Note that the shirt ordering is being handled separate from the school registration; questions should be directed to the "shirt coordinator", Denise Mann at or 832-661-1345.

      1. We have a "school t-shirt" for attendees of the bee school.  This is a t-shirt w/ club logo on front & special graphic for this year's school on the back.  The graphics are screen printed on.  This shirt may be ordered at the link:
        The deadline for ordering the "school shirts" is Wed, Sept 15.

      2. We have a "club shirt" for club members.  This is a nicer, "polo style dry-fit type" shirt with the club logo embroidered on to the front. This shirt may be ordered at the link:
        The deadline for ordering the "club shirts" is Fri, Sept 10.