BVBeeks Bee School Volunteer Registration

Thank you for agreeing to be a volunteer for the 2023 BVBeeks Bee School.   There are several steps you need to take in order to complete the volunteer process.  I apologize for this "multi-step" process, but it's necessary so we can

  1. make sure we fill all of the volunteer positions
  2. get an accurate count for lunch.  Lunch is being catered and will be chicken fajitas (with all the fixin's) and is provided for each person who is working.
  3. give you the opportunity to purchase hive boxes & t-shirt orders.

Please be sure you do ALL THREE STEPS.

Step 1 (required):  Use this link --> to go to the spreadsheet and actually sign up for the various volunteer jobs we need filled.  This spreadsheet is our "official list" of volunteers.  Note that in order to gain free admission to the Bee School, you need to sign up for a minimum of 3 hours worth of volunteer jobs(of course, you can always sign up for more than 3 hours). To volunteer for a job, put your name & cell phone in the yellow cells in the spreadsheet.  If there are multiple people in your family, please be sure to list each person individually for the job they are volunteering for; the slots on the spreadsheet are meant for one person.  Last, be sure to take note of each job's requirements; some jobs need adults while other jobs may be set aside for the kids in the youth program.


Step 2 (required):  Fill out the following form, and hit "Submit".

    Your Name
    Your cell phone
    In the box below, please list EACH person in your family who signed up to volunteer in the spreadsheet at, including the job they are doing. Please fill in the name field as you want it to appear on your name tag.
    Volunteer 1's Name
    Volunteer 2's Name
    Volunteer 3's Name
    Volunteer 4's Name
    Volunteer 5's Name


    Step 3 (optional):  Below is a place you can order club t-shirts, raffle tickets, lunches for additional children, or Mann Lake Hive kits - if you're not ordering any of these things, you can skip/ignore this section.  Note that the form above and ordering below are 'separate', so please be sure to hit the "Send" button above, and then come back to this page if you want to order any these items (you do not need to re-fill in the form above when you come back - we'll get your information on the order when you checkout).
    If you are ordering something, we can take payments using (in order of preference) Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo, PayPal, or you can mail us a check.  We prefer Zelle & Cashapp because those 2 options do not charge us a transaction fee.  In order to use a payment choice OTHER than PayPal, select the "Manual Payment" option.

    Youth / Children Registration ($15 each) - If you are bringing children other than those in the Youth Program, they will need a name tag (and lunch).  If you are providing lunch for them, you do NOT need to pay for them.
    Name as it should appear on the name tag:
    Mann Lake Hive Kits:  We are very happy to once again offer Mann Lake Hive Kits (see link: un-assembled kit, part # KD-100, but with the black Rite-Cell foundation instead of yellow). You may order as many of these kits as you like at $115 ea.
    Mann Lake Hive Kits :
    Advance sales of Raffle Tickets:  We heard you - not everyone liked to have the kids pester you to buy raffle tickets all day long, so now you can buy your raffle tickets in advance, as well as at in the Raffle area.  We are dividing the raffle into 2 groups: "Regular items" for donations where the value of the raffle item is under $200, and "Big Ticket Raffle" for items that have a higher value.  Some (but not all) of the raffle items up for grabs are listed at the bottom of the page
    The Regular Raffle item tickets are $20 for a 20-pack of tickets; the "Big Ticket Raffle" tickets are $50 for a 6pack of tickets or $10 each.
    Raffle Tickets for "Regular Items" :
    Raffle Tickets for "high value items" :

    Items in Your Cart

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    Club & School Shirts:  We have 2 different shirts available for purchase as PRE ORDER and pickup at the school (no extra shirts will be printed and sold at the school).  Both of these are available in men's & women's shirt styles as well as sizes for adults and youth.  Note that the shirt ordering is being handled separate from the school registration; questions should be directed to the "shirt coordinator", Denise Mann at or 832-661-1345.

    1. We have a "school t-shirt" for attendees of the beeschool.  This is a t-shirt w/ club logo on front & special graphic for this year's school on the back.  The graphics are screen printed on.  This shirt may be ordered at the link:
      The deadline for ordering the "school shirts" is Monday, August 28.

    2. We also have a "club shirt" for club members.  This is a nicer, "polo style dry-fit type" shirt with the club logo embroidered on to the front. This shirt may be ordered at the link:
      The deadline for ordering the "club shirts" is also Monday, August 28.
    Some of the Vendors at the bee school are offering special deals on their products you may want to take advantage of.  To see a list of those vendors and what their offerings are, please visit the "Bee School Vendors" page.