BVBeeks Bee School Volunteer Registration

This is the page where people who have volunteered to work at the BVBeeks Bee School sign up so we can get your lunch & t-shirt orders (as well as verify that you have committed to work at an assigned job).  Lunch is being catered by J.Cody's of Bryan and will be beef & chicken fajitas (with all the fixin's) and is provided for each person who is working - there is an option below to buy extra lunches at our cost ($12 ea) if you are bringing non-working family members.

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    In the box below, please list EACH person in your family who signed up to volunteer on the spreadsheet, including the job they are doing. Please fill in the name field as you want it to appear on your name tag.

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    Below is a place you can order additional lunches, t-shirts, or Mann Lake Hive kits.   This is, of course, totally optional.  Note that these 2 sections of this page are 'separate', so please be sure to hit the "Send" button above, and then come back to this page if you want to order any these items (you do not need to re-fill in the form above when you come back - we'll get your information on the order from PayPal).


    How many EXTRA lunches do you need ($12 each)?  Do NOT count anyone named above as a volunteer...
    T-Shirt pre-orders:  If you would like to pre-order t-shirts for the bee school, please indicate the size and QTY.  This year's t-shirt will have the same design as last year, but will be in this year's "queen color" (green).  It will also be offered in a Dry-Fit material, Cotton-blend, women's Tank Top, and women's "slouchy neck".  T-shirts are being offered at $15 ea.
    The cutoff date for pre-ordering t-shirts will be Wednesday, August 21st.
    Shirt Style :
    Size :
    Mann Lake Hive Kits:  We are very happy to once again offer Mann Lake Hive Kits (see link: un-assembled kit, part # KD-100, but with the black Rite-Cell foundation instead of yellow). You may order as many of these kits as you like at $85 ea.

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