Loaner Beekeeping Equipment

BVBeeks has some equipment that belongs to the club that we can loan out.   The policies for checking out the equipment are:

  • This equipment is for use by ACTIVE club members.
  • The equipment is to be returned clean and in the same good working order in which is was checked out.
  • The checked out items should be returned in a "timely basis" so that other club members can use them.
  • Checking club owned equipment out requires that you write a check for $50 (payable to BVBeeks) as a "cleanliness deposit".   That is, you are expected to bring it back in clean condition, ready for the next person to use.  If the equipment comes back clean, we hand you your check back (never deposited).
  • Anytime equipment is checked out, we will put  the checkout on the club calendar, so that everyone will know who has it and when it is due to come back.

The equipment we have available for check out is:

  • 4-Frame, hand-crank, tangential extractor.  The club actually owns 2 complete extractor setups that include the extractor, extractor stand, de-capping tub, de-capping knife, wax "scratcher", heat gun, 5 gal bucket w/ honey gate, & 3 filters.
    One extractor is kept at Dustin Pedretti's home in Bryan; the other is kept at Justin Russell & Ashley Ralph's apiary in south College Station.  In order to check-out and/or reserve the extractor, please email
  • Oxalic Acid Vaporizer (from "Buds Bees").   This is the one that is demonstrated by "The Fat Bee Man" in the youtube video at
    This is kept at Katherine Sherrod's home.  Please contact her in order to check it out by emailing